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Archive for December, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Just a quick note to wish all of our clients and partners a great Christmas and New Year.

Thanks for contributing to a fantastic 2010 – we’re looking forward to continuing this into 2011 and beyond. As ever, we’ve got some exciting projects on the go, and with lots more planned for the coming year we’re looking forward to it already.

Our office is closing from today, re-opening on January 4th – see you then.


Rapid internet success continues to grow

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Internet retailing is now growing at a rapid scale at roughly 3.5 times the rate of the whole sector month to month, and according to the National Office of Statistics the internet now accounts for 10.5% of all retail sales. The internet accounts for £660m of sales a week in this country, and can only continue getting bigger and stronger. These are astonishing statistics; therefore it is important for companies to be easily reachable on the internet. If your company’s website isn’t featuring high in search engines and your e-commerce sales are dwindling, a new internet and digital marketing strategy is essential.

With the continuing increase of online sales, companies should have a carefully planned internet marketing campaign. Some of the figures can be related to the recent poor weather, with more shoppers choosing the comfort of their own home to braving the high street. However regardless of the weather, the popularity of online shopping and the need for an effective internet marketing campaign cannot be questioned. Being well positioned on the internet is imperative to getting a share of the booming internet retail market.

The internet will continue to expand further and increase every year so it is important to know the tools needed for a successful internet marketing campaign. The internet has managed to develop and grow at a time when the recession is still affecting the economy and any business decisions which are made. Annual internet sales are now growing 10 times more quickly than the retail sector and with more and more people preferring the ease of online retail shopping, ensuring you can be found on the internet is critical.

If you are looking to optimise the online performance of your business, call us on 0191 232 8088 or email

Heineken set to tap Facebook market

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Heineken are looking to take advantage of their 1 million Facebook members by creating the first Facebook shop where alcohol and branded clothing and other merchandise can be bought.  What possibilities does this make for other brands looking to reach out to their consumer market?  A Facebook shop would give Heineken as a brand an incredible amount of reach, and they will also be possible to monitor the popular products and use the social media site to conduct research.

The power of social networking is growing as big brands are using the platform to advertise, announce or showcase brands products in recent years, with French Connection launching YouTique on YouTube and Dell using Twitter to announce sales reports and new product releases.  With Facebook’s current users numbering over 500 million, the brand message could potentially be viewed by millions.  Even for Heineken which is a globally recognised brand, the possibility to be so readily available to such a vast number of consumers must be very appealing.

Heineken are offering the chance for their customers to choose what products are sold on the site, which creates a place where the users have a strong personal connection.  With Heineken becoming the first brand to sell alcohol and branded products through Facebook, are they now trying to compete with other online shopping sites?  Facebook Marketplace proved popular, as a place where users could sell their own products to other users by posting descriptions online.  Facebook are expanding, and always appear to be releasing updates and new features to the site, could an online shopping site be the start to a global platform on which Facebook can run an online shopping experience?

What does this mean for Heineken? Facebook has given them a stage in which they can further strengthen their brand image.  Their increased global reach and Facebook platform is likely to increase sales and brand awareness, which could result in more companies creating online Facebook stores.  Heineken may have tapped into a potentially huge market, and it will be intriguing to see how the consumers and different brands react.

Facebook e-mail – “How the future should work”

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
Facebook are in the preliminary stages of releasing a messaging system which is set to rival Gmail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft in a bid to combine all messaging systems in one format.  It will be trialled by selected users, before being made available to everyone next year.  In the proposed system, SMS, email and instant messages will flow easily, without the need to change devices.  According to, over 350 million users use Facebook messages every day, and Facebook are looking to utilise this.  The focus on simplicity is intriguing, with the new messaging system dubbed “the e-mail killer” what is Facebook saying about the current electronic mail function?  Or is this Facebook’s way of ensuring traffic goes to their site, whether an SMS is being sent or an email?

Facebook and Google claim not to be direct competitors, which on paper can be understood.  Google is a search engine, and Facebook is a social media site however tensions were raised when Google refused to share user information with Facebook, claiming sometimes users were “trapped” into providing their Gmail contacts.  The new Facebook system has the future potential for users to attain a address, which would eventually render a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail useless.  Some are saying this is Facebook’s aim, to be the biggest email network on the internet.

How will this move affect the digital marketing surrounding social media and email?  Due to the massive popularity of Facebook, companies, brands, and business leaders have created accounts which are gathering a large list of possible consumers with their location, age and gender readily available.  Could companies use the Facebook message system to advertise to a highly specific target market?  With all forms of messaging in one place and with the use of Facebook on mobile networks increasing, the potential consumer is always available and can receive your message anywhere.  This easy availability must sound appealing to advertisers, who will be able to have their advertisements read anywhere and in real-time.

Where is Facebook looking to venture next?  There are already rumours circulating around the internet that an integrated search engine is being designed, which will put Google as a direct competitor.  Competing with Google at the moment is something, even with the financial power Facebook currently have, would not be able to do successfully.  Facebook see their future messaging system as “How the future should work” with simple, real-time communication, however is the overwhelming internet presence Facebook has going too far?  Facebook have revolutionised the way the internet is used from a day-to-day basis, and how they will affect the way it develops in the future will be interesting to watch unfold.