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Archive for August, 2010

The Online Grape Vine

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Social media sites enable a digital echoing of sorts. They can shine spotlights on a company’s charisma and illuminate the subtle additions that register quality to an attentive audience of more than one hundred and fifty million. Facebook and Twitter are the most recognised social media sites online and are often integrated into daily conversations, as posts of new developments spark intrigue. Facebook and Twitter are a popular way of satisfying an insatiable appetite for instant access to continuous information, which seems to be a permanently partnered with twenty-first century living.

Facebook’s success is primarily centered upon connecting people. Varying emotions are governed by social media sites, as its content can impact how we feel in the real world and how we relate to others, as we become privy to new concepts and perspectives. A company can take advantage of the user’s relaxed and receptive state of mind, sharing a space in which friends and celebrities inhabit. Businesses that insert themselves into a space, where humorous anecdotes are exchanged, project themselves as a less invasive presence, while simultaneously forging an online relationship with their customer.

Tweeting allows messages and therefore information to be carried on a virtual breeze, substituting communication by sound with visual communication. Words are indelible representations and seem to carry an ingrained credence compared to the reverberations of hear say for example. Just as news spreads through word of mouth, its authenticity is usually confirmed when they are read as stories. The arrangement, context and choice of words reflect the attitudes of a business, which can have a dramatic impact on how people view a product.

The attraction of Twitter and Facebook lies within the snippets of information that create curiosity. A business can also enter the social media arena using the same approach, as their products are almost dangled as a carrot that encourages a user to find out more. Social media sites entrust users with information, which simulates a community spirit.

Our intensified access to information means that businesses that opt out of social media marketing may vanish from the consumer’s radar, which is increasingly occupied by a hypnotizing presentation of brightly lit data. Only nine per cent of retailers do not use any social media. By entering the social media arena, businesses show that they can integrate and adapt easily, while remaining contemporary with fresh updates of special discounts and polls that engage customers and provide valuable feedback. Businesses also show that they are not adverse to new marketing strategies, in turn presenting a more amiable and approachable company.

An online space that is dedicated to the promotion of a product is an ideal way to express personality, much like the social networking site Myspace, which works on the premise of a digital space that is dedicated to individual expression. A cyber space can be adorned with messages and graphics, just as a room in a house makes a statement with décor. Businesses can take advantage of the free online territory available, in order to showcase a company’s ethos and create a reputation built on a willingness to connect. The sheer volume of users powers social media’s effectiveness. Followers and trends means that social media has swept over the world and is therefore the ultimate form in which to promote a business.

Green Media – New Phone and Fax Numbers

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Our new numbers are:

Phone: 0191 232 8088

Fax: 0191 232 8089

We’ve moved

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

After more than a decade at Hoult’s Estate in Walker we’re excited to say that we’re on the move. Based in Ouseburn Valley, our new offices are at the heart of a thriving and rapidly developing business and social community which we’re looking forward to becoming a part of.

Just a five minute drive from our current offices towards Newcastle city centre, we’re also easier to access than ever for visiting clients.

Our new address is;

Unit 2

Maling Court

Union Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Unsealing the Potential of the Corporate Blog Post

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

The corporate blog is a growing phenomenon that maintains a personal connection between the user and the company, acting as a form of correspondence, just as regular letters update friends with recent and interesting news.


A whole range of businesses dedicate a section of their site to a daily or weekly blog. An infinite number of topics exist, each having their own set of subjects that constantly diverge and feed the vast depth of information available on the web. Online posts can include specialised markets, such as wedding, garden and car blogs, as well as sobering topics, brought to attention through military and political sites. A blog about blogging is testament to this limitless medium.


The origin of the term blog is extracted from the words web log; its unique name brings a sense of contemporary cool. The term blogger therefore evokes kudos, as an individual actively airs their opinions and thoughts to an audience, balancing sentence structures to create imagery or even humour that presents itself in an inviting format of a diary or log. The idea of following the development of thoughts is both innately appealing and inspiring. Twitter is an example of a micro blogging service which is available to anyone, including businesses and celebrities. Followers are exposed to ‘trending topics’ which show how quickly information filtrates across the web. Taking the idea of word-of-mouth in a local context and reapplying it to a global network.


Knowing that information can be accessed by anyone is an incentive to promote a topic. Blog layouts can include an assortment of mediums, most commonly seen as a combination of text and images that represent a virtual scrapbook of sorts and provide an insight into a company’s impassioned perspective. Blogs are a way of representing a company’s congeniality that gives a company a relatable facet, in which to appeal to the user, rather than an impenetrable and uniformed veneer of convention. Blogging also acts as a form of site maintenance, as attention is concentrated into the blog page’s renewed content, which gives the impression that the company cares and wants to impress, as opposed to leaving it untouched and in a derelict condition. Blogs also act as an advert for your business, as the addition of links means that your visibility across the web is increased


At Green Media we provide blog writing services themed around a website’s products and services, which are charged by new content, generated by writers eager to explore the avenues that each project presents. Blogs can enhance SEO rankings, as keywords adorn the blog, which is crucial to getting Google’s attention which will respond by rewarding you with high rankings. Blog posts can also be timed, so that information can appear in conjunction with the launch of a new product or as a set of ordered information, so that the flow of content can be manipulated. It takes time to blog and even more time to craft a blog that provokes thought. By bringing in professionals who have the skill and motivation to produce quality; a website’s profile is instantly raised and made more memorable. Every second a new blog appears online; don’t be left behind. Dive into the fast current, motored by blogs that keep you ahead of competition.